Saturday, 21 January 2017 17:35

President - Tony King

Tony first got involved in youth sports at the age of 8.  He played 8 years of baseball, 3 years of basketball and 5 years in football. 

He recently became the website designer for Hunter District when his oldest son began playing football.  Since then, he joined as a board member under Raven Molina-Montoya and later as an executive board member under Bill Searle.

Tony's duties expanded when he accepted the position of President after some life changing events of our previous president.

Tony has also coached the defense side of the ball and this year will be no exception.  Tony will be the defensive coach again for the Bantam aged players under Larry Foote.

Tony's leadership and communication skills will help achieve his goals for our program this year.

If you see Tony on the field, go say hi to him.

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