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Questions regarding registration.


The age your child will be on July 1st, is the age group he/she will play.  Below is the age divisions.

If your player played for Hunter last year (2017) and would be affected by the new cutoff date, they will have a 1 time option to stay in the group he/she played with last year but must remain with that group for the remainder of their Ute Conference eligibility or move to the appropriate age group and remain there for their Ute Conference eligibility.

Scouts age cutoff date will be September 1st of this year.

A player turning 9 after July 1st and before September 1st of the current year will have the option to play in the Scout division.  This will require parental consent of the player.

Age Divisions
Scout 7-8
Gremlin 9
PeeWee 10
MityMite 11
Midget 12
Bantam 13
Junior 14-15
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