Frequently Asked Questions - payment plans

FAQs - payment plans

Questions regarding registration.


Registration will officially commence March 1st, 2019.  You may sign up in person or register online at

Registration Times

TBD Hunter Library 6:00pm - 8:00pm 
TBD Hunter Library 6:00pm - 8:00pm
TBD Hunter Park 12:00pm - 3:00pm
TBD Hunter Park 9:00am - 1:00pm

What you need to bring:

New Players Only:  Birth Certificate or Valid Passport

All Players including 1st time players:

  • Rocky Mtn Power Bill
  • West Valley City Utility Bill (garbage)
  • Granger/Hunter Improvement District Bill (water)
  • Checking/Savings account statement
  • Property Tax Receipt.

Registration Fee:  $300.00

Payment Plans are set up through Zions Bank.  We have all the necessary paperwork to get that started for you.
Final Payment must be made prior to equipment being issued.

REQUIRED FORMS - There are several forms that must be completed, signed, and submitted prior to the first practice.

Ute Conference By-Law 13.5: There will be one (1) official weigh-in held just prior to the start of league play; this weigh-in will be conducted according to procedures set up by the Executive Committee. Additionally, there may be (1) late weigh-in for players in both divisions which registered late or missed the official weigh-in. This would be held during the week between the first and second game. The purpose of this late weigh-in is to give those players who registered after the official weigh-in or missed the official weigh-in the opportunity to be added to the certified roster, thus allowing them to play as an eligible player. There would be no “X” removal, “Y”up or “Z” down player weigh –ins at this late weigh-in.

Classification Age(s) Max lbs Z Down Weight If Over Max. Lbs.
"X" Designation
Scout 7-8 85 No Z down (Or optional 1 year move "Y" UP ONLY
For 8-year-olds only)
Gremlin 9 95 Z Weight 10 yr old - 75 lbs Or optional 1 year move "Y" UP ONLY
Pee Wees 10 105 Z Weight 11 yr old - 80 lbs Or optional 1 year move
Mity Mites 11 125 Z Weight 12 yr old - 100 lbs Or optional 1 year move
GridIron 12 135 Z Weight 13 yr old - 110 lbs Or optional 1 year move

(14) must be
in 8th Grade*

165 Z Weight 14 yr old - 140 lbs Or optional 1 year move to "Z" down only.  No "Y" up to Junior.
Juniors 14-15 UNLIMITED  

Or optional 1 year move
(15-yr olds cannot "Z" Down)

14 year old 8th grade players will need to show proof of grade during weigh in. Copy of official document will need to be kept on file.
* This move down for 14 year old 8th grade Players will be for districts without Junior teams only.
If a 14 year old Junior wishes to “Z” down, from a district that fields a Junior Team then all corresponding “Z” down rules are still in effect. (2015)

To read more on Ute Conference By-Laws, click here

In Person Registration
Sat Jul 13 @09:00AM - 12:00 PM
Hunter Park
Equipment Issue
Sat Jul 13 @09:00AM - 12:00 PM
Hunter Park