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Our season starts July 21st and runs thru the 1st week of November.  This year our first practice is Saturday July 21st.

Ute By-Law: 17.1.3
Practice sessions for division one (1) (Scout, Gremlin, PeeWee and MityMite) are to be limited to not more than two (2) hours per session Monday thru Friday and three (3) hours per session on Saturday and only one (1) session per day. Practice sessions for division two (2) (Midget, Bantam and Juniors) are to be limited to not more than three (3) hours per session and only one (1) session per day.
After the first Monday in September, practice sessions shall be limited to no more than 3  (2) two-hour sessions per week. At all contact practice sessions, all players must wear full safety first equipment as required by the Bylaws

The 2018 Ute Conference championship games are on Saturday, November 3rd.

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