Football Practice Expectations/Rules


  • Many coaches often adopt similar rules when it comes to the football practices. After all, how can a team improve their skills if several players are missing practices all the time?
  • Coaches pay heavy attention to the "attendance" and "participation" efforts of each player at practice. Many times these two things can dictate how much “playing time” a kid will get in an actual game.
  • The attendance and participation levels of a child will show their seriousness and dedication to being on the team. If a child does not seem interested in being at practice or does not show a lot of effort while at practice, then a coach will hesitate to allow that kid to play in an actual game.

Practice Rules

  • Players are expected to attend all practices. Practice will only be excused for players who are truly sick or who have had a death in their family.
  • If a player is at school, they are expected to be at practice.
  • If a player is injured and unable to participate they are expected to be at practice to watch in support of their team.
  • If a player is absent from school and the school deems that player’s absence as excused, then the player is excused from practice.
  • If an absence is unexcused then the practice is unexcused as well.
  • If a player is sent home by the school nurse during the school day, then that practice is excused.
  • Family trips, participation in other events (school or non-school related) etc. will not be excused.
  • Football is a tough sport for tough people. Bruises, minor sprains and strains, scrapes etc… are not an excuse for missing practice or failing to participate. A note from a parent saying a player has a bruise on their elbow and is unable to participate is not excusable.
  • If a player has an injury, they should be seen by their Primary Care Physician for an evaluation.

General Football Rules

  • Players are responsible for all equipment assigned to them. If equipment is lost or damaged due to improper care, that player will pay for its replacement.
  • Parents are responsible for transporting their own child to and from games in most cases.
  • Coaches are not responsible for your personal items. Players are responsible for your shoes, clothing, books, wallet, cell-phone, I-Pod, etc.
  • While football coach expectations are somewhat subjective depending on each individual, studying these rules and guidelines above will really help your child get the most out of their football experience.